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    Get Fit, Stay Fit, Feel Healthier with WebFitness
    Achieve results through being trained by a Certified Trainer
    LIVE leading interactive web workouts without having to leave your home!
    All from your laptop using your webcam

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    What do I need to get started? What's included? Unlimited live workouts Personalized diet advising and monitoring Progress tracking
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    A certified NUTRITIONIST provides you your own personalized diet program and advice.
    Easy to use. You only have to take a picture of each meal using the phone app.
    Nutritionists reviews your meal pictures to help you monitor your eating habits.

    Nutritional guidance & accountability brings results.
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Why WebFitness

Do you want to shed some pounds, but don't have time to go to the gym?

Not comfortable working out at a gym?

Do you want to get fit from the comfort of your own home or hotel?

Yes! Then you are on the right site!


  • Be motivated by a live trainer, encouraging you to do your best.
  • Achieve a more effective workout with correct form coaching.
  • Feel proud of your success through progress tracking.
  • See better resuls using personal nutritional support.
  • No need to drive to the gym, WebFitness is live using your laptop!

What is included?

Unlimited Live Interactive Workouts
Unlimited Live Interactive Workouts
Personalized Diet Advising and Monitoring
Personalized Diet Advising and Monitoring
Progress Tracking
Progress Tracking
Get Ready to Get Sweaty

All you need to get started is computer with a web camera, fast internet and the desire to GET FIT!

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The Complete

Diet Program

A Nutritionist will help you with meal planning, questions, accountability and support.

Your Nutritionist will work with you to set up your goals and dietary needs.
Use the phone app to quickly take pictures of your meals, snacks and beverages. That's easy!
The food pictures and questions will be reviewed by our Nutritionist to provide advice and accountability.


How to track your progress?

Track your progress from the beginning and see your fitness measurements change each month.

  • Track weekly Weigh-in under My Progress tab.
  • Take progress pictures using the website or app. You will visually be amazed at your improvement.
  • Select intensity level (low, normal, high) for how you want to be coached.
  • See your progress through changes in your Body Mass Index (BMI), which is automatically calculated.
  • Track your progress through BMI or through body fat % and measurements.

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Latest News

Leslie Swan, Charter Member since 2018, became WebFitness Model in 2019.

Leslie Swan

Wife, Real Estate Agent, and a Mom of 2 children. Loves family gathering, and working out.

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Our Story

My son has made an impressionable impact on my life.He has giving me strength and courage as I watch how heroically he battles Epilepsy every day. When his seizures dramatically increased, my life changed. My gym time had to be put on hold to care for him. Then an ah-ha moment happened. WebFitness! An online LIVE trainer leed workout, through a webcam computer/laptop in a group session. The trainer can see me doing the exercises. I ask, "Is my form correct?" The trainer explains what needs improvement. Talk about being motivated! Love hearing, "You got this!".....Check it out and join me in class!!