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About Us

WebFitness was founded when Coach Bernadette could no longer go to the gym because of her child's health issue. Under difficult circumstances, she had her ah-ha moment: WebFitness! The chance to get a workout as good or better than what you could get at the gym, but with the convenience of being at home!

We make it simple. No special equipment to rent or buy, just a laptop and an internet connection. We will give you LIVE, one-on-one coaching to motivate you and make sure your form is correct - whenever you want it!

We offer 30- and 45-minute workouts throughout the entire day, so you're never without an opportunity for exercise! With different intensity levels, we offer something for anyone who wants to feel better, look better and live better.

Unlike other programs and workout videos, no two classes are the same. Each workout is a fresh, new, customized experience!

WebFitness also feels strongly about nutrition. You can only reap the benefit of a workout if you're fueling your body correctly, and we can help with that. Upload pictures of your food with our mobile app, and our nutritionist will help you realign your diet to improve your well-being!

We're here for you. We're passionate about helping people feel better, look better and live better, which is why we offer our 30-day money-back guarantee. If you don't feel improvements, you have until the 30th day of your membership to cancel and request your money back.

We're always excited to help people on their fitness journey - join today and let us help you on yours!