What kind of classes do you currently have?

We currently have High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) classes and will be adding classes that use bands & cords, and dumbells.

What kind of workouts are they?

Currently, all our workouts are body resistance workouts. You use your own body weight for the exercises.

Will I get immediate feedback about my form from the trainer?

YES! Your live trainer will guide you through the entire workout along with a video to show proper form. Your trainer will talk to you as he sees you. The best part, if you have any questions he can answer while you are working out.

What if I don't understand the exercise we are doing?

That's ok! Your trainer is there to support you all through the workout. The trainer can have a private one-on-one with you to help direct and correct your form when needed.

How many times a day/week/month can I workout?

As many as you want, remember, that as you get fitter you need to push yourself harder. In other words, as long as you’re liking your results, you can keep going. We like to see members attend at least 3 days a week and prefer 5 days a week.

Do I need anything during the workout?

It is recommended to have a 32 oz bottle of water and a workout towel. Many members like to use a yoga mat when doing some exercises.

How much water should I drink when I workout?

It is always a good idea to have water with you while you workout. Sweating is good. Most will have between 32 oz. to 40 oz. This all depends on you.

As a new member do I need equipment?

We advise everyone to have a workout mat (or carpet), towel and water for every workout. The schedule will let you know if other equipment is needed for the workout listed. For beginners, we recommend selecting High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) training that does not require any special equipment. As you get stronger, we advise to challenge yourself with our other classes.

Is the equipment included with membership?

Equipment(s) recommended for the workouts do not come with membership. Many of the equipment(s) recommended for the workouts can be purchased in our web store. If you have the equipment needed (for example dumbells), you are welcome to use what you have.

How many minutes should I log in before my workout?

The classroom opens 15 minutes before the scheduled time. It is recommended to log onto your WebFitness account 10 minutes prior to your workout. This is to be sure connection is established to WebFitness. This gives the opportunity to ask any questions to your LIVE trainer and say hello to other members.

How long are workouts?

Our workouts are 45 or 30 minutes long depending on the class you select. Class remains open after the workout for 15 minutes. This is to give you an opportunity for q&a after class with the trainer and socialize with other members.

Will there be breaks?

Each workout is pre-designed by our certified trainers. There will be a transitioning break for each exercise and 2 water breaks.

Are the breaks during the workout?

During the main workout, there will be a transition break between each exercise. There is also 1 minute between each section: Warmup, stretch, go time and core. This would be the best time to catch your breath, refuel, hydrate, wipe the sweat off your body and learn what is coming next.

What do I wear for the workout?

Wear comfortable workout clothing that is not revealing.

Can I workout barefooted?

By exercising barefoot, you can help promote your sense of balance, improve muscle alignment, reduce orthopedic pains, and lessen the chance of injury, so, it’s totally up to YOU. Shoes or no shoes.

What time are the workouts and how many days?

Currently, all classes are on Monday through Friday. We have 3:30 am, 4:30 am, 6 am, 7 am, and 8:30 am Pacific Standard Time.

What is the type of classes being offered?


  • Monday: Upper body HIIT
  • Tuesday: Lower body HIIT
  • Wednesday: Full body HIIT
  • Thursday: Upper body HIIT
  • Friday: Lower body HIIT

What do I wear for ‘My Progress’ pictures?

For women, shorts AND a tank top or sports bra.

For men, shorts AND a tank top or shirtless.

How often do I need to take my progress pictures?

Your pictures are for you. We recommend taking your 3 view progress pictures every 4 weeks. This is very useful to see changes being made as you embark on your WebFitness journey.

Why do I have to take pictures of myself?

This is a great opportunity to see your progress. Our members report having great satisfaction seeing their pictures when they started and what their progress looks like. It may feel a bit awkward taking your when you start but you will appreciate having the starting picture to as proof of your progress. It is best to take bi-weekly pictures. Select the best day that works for you. Repeat the same day weekly.

Do I need to enter my weight at every progress picture update?

We encourage to input your weight once a week along with your “My Progress’ photos every 2 weeks. Nothing is more genuinely satisfying than by visually seeing the change.

Do you share my pictures?

WebFitness staff may review your photos to better support your needs. We will never share your progress photos without your permission.

Why should I take pictures of my food and drinks?

ts is another way to be accountable for food and beverage intake. It is also a great way to view when and what is consumed to best advise you on your meal/dietary plan you are following.

What if I choose to not take a picture of something unhealthy?

Your nutritionist to advise you properly when they see the reality of your diet. Skipping photos only hinder yourself of good nutritional advising. If you eat something off plan, take the picture and the nutritionist will help you get back on track.

Can I just eat whatever and workout?

You are your best advocate. The ‘Food log,’ and Nutritionist review is meant to support and guide you for a fit lifestyle inside and out.

What kind of meal plans do you have?

Our focus is to strive for a healthy lifestyle plan that will work for you. Our nutritionist will monitor, ask questions and collaborate with you to come up with the best plan for you based on your goals. We all have health goals and the best way to achieve that is with Nutritional guidance.

How often is my Fit Food monitored?

The nutritionist views every member daily. Depending on the meal plan preference you want to do, the nutritionist will ask health questions and food likes and dislikes questions to best guide you to a healthy YOU. By guiding, suggesting, modifying, your food and beverage intake that best suits you, your overall outlook about ‘Healthy Clean Eating’ will become natural, easy and enjoyed.

In love with dessert, can I still have that?

Depending on your goal will depend on, if able initially, if able sometimes, if able as a special occasion, or if best not at all. We are all so different on how we metabolize our intake that this is so individualized.

Can I ask the Nutritionist questions?

Absolutely! We want you to have an enjoyable journey to your healthy self.

Does my membership auto-renew?

Yes, we make it stress-free and easy to continue your monthly membership. Your membership is active the day you sign up and will renew each month on the same day of the month that you signed up.

Am I in a contract?

No, You can cancel anytime by contacting the customer support department.

Can others see me and the background?

The goal of our online home group fitness is to give the same community and energy of a traditional class. One third of the screen show proper form, the middle third has the live trainer coaching you and the remaining ⅓ of the screen have small windows of participants.