My discovery of Black Garlic!

I first heard about 'Black Garlic' from my brother-in-law when we swapped stories of new recipes and spice we find. The description of the smell and flavor captivated me as I swirled my tongue on my lips. It sounded scrumptious.

One day, I came across the 'Black Garlic' at our local Costco. Out of curiosity, I purchased the 20-ounce container. Oh my, I could not wait till I got home to try this new item.

I smeared the smashed 'Black Garlic' on the pork ribs with a homemade keto bbq sauce as a rub. I cooked it in a rotisserie for 4 hours. It was divine! The whole family loved the flavor.

It is said that the 'Black Garlic' has antioxidants and other vital nutrients that can help to improve and prevent health-related severe issues. Might as well eat them! Every once in a while, I will pop one freshly peeled 'Black Garlic' in my mouth. The touch of sweet and savory of the garlic melts in my mouth every time. I enjoyed them so much; I ate eight. I recommend not to eat that many 'Black Garlic' at once. My husband can attest to this, DRAGON BREATHE! DRAGON BREATHE!