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Why we need to vaccum our stomachs while we workout

Where it works:
Vacuuming your stomach is an isometric contraction and works on the transverse abdominal muscles behind your six-pack, supporting your core and posture by controlling deep breathing during power movements.
What does it help:
Vacuuming your stomach during exercise increases your flexibility and aides in building more muscular muscle strength. It is also responsible for back support.

Why use it:
Vacuuming the stomach muscles help you gain more control over your abdominal muscles, assist in stronger explosive lifts, better pelvic floor strengthening, and can be done daily.

How to:
1. Start by taking a deep breath inward.

2. Exhale all the air out through your mouth.

3. While you exhale, draw your upper stomach as far as it will go in and up into your ribcage, creating a ribcage lift. For beginners, hold it in for 5 to 10 seconds. It is important to continue breathing normally during the exercise, so don’t hold your breath.


You may also want to add a pelvic floor lift as you contract your abdominal muscles.
With time it will become easier to hold the stomach in and feel comfortable. Aim for 5 seconds to start!


My discovery of Black Garlic!

I first heard about 'Black Garlic' from my brother-in-law when we swapped stories of new recipes and spice we find. The description of the smell and flavor captivated me as I swirled my tongue on my lips. It sounded scrumptious.

One day, I came across the 'Black Garlic' at our local Costco. Out of curiosity, I purchased the 20-ounce container. Oh my, I could not wait till I got home to try this new item.

I smeared the smashed 'Black Garlic' on the pork ribs with a homemade keto bbq sauce as a rub. I cooked it in a rotisserie for 4 hours. It was divine! The whole family loved the flavor.

It is said that the 'Black Garlic' has antioxidants and other vital nutrients that can help to improve and prevent health-related severe issues. Might as well eat them! Every once in a while, I will pop one freshly peeled 'Black Garlic' in my mouth. The touch of sweet and savory of the garlic melts in my mouth every time. I enjoyed them so much; I ate eight. I recommend not to eat that many 'Black Garlic' at once. My husband can attest to this, DRAGON BREATHE! DRAGON BREATHE!


Enhancing your immunity
Covid-19 Source: 1. Source: 2.
Meal prepping is easier than you think.

I remember the first time I decided to meal prep. It was a disaster! The stress of setting aside a whole day to prep, the potential after effect seeing mounts of food, organizing the meals individually, making space in the frig, and cleaning the pile of dishes scared me. I was disorganized in my thoughts and my planning and executing!

Once I stepped back to collect my thought process, I realized I was thoughtlessly overwhelmed for no reason. Meal prepping became easier. Writing up a list of food choices for the week I will be shopping for made it more comfortable, then creating meals based on those items was less stressful and enjoyable. My recommendation is not to go grocery shopping hungry. Enjoy the time you are putting into the meals and your body!

Why challenges seem impossible.

Nothing is impossible! It may appear impossible, but it's not. The definition of SEEM is a verb, appears to be, appear to exist, and appear to be true. Challenges grow you from the inside out. Challenges change you by changing your vision, your outlook, and your overall perspective. The old saying 'When a door closes, another door opens' rings true when you allow yourself to walk through that door with confidence and accept any challenges it brings.

You may have some growth bumps that take a different perspective on your answer you are seeking. Those perspectives are lessons learned and can lead to an acquire or deserve result of effort or action you have invested. It is an earned value! Don't be fearful of expanding your thoughts; don't stop learning, and don't hold back from setbacks. Accept the challenge, accept the outcome, and accept the change! The development of this thought process increases your potential and breaks difficulties in thinkable and doable opportunities.

I'm Possible!

Fruits or not to fruit....

If you're interested in a plant-based diet, the Mediterranean diet is an excellent place to start. The diet's primary focus is on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and legumes, and a whole lot of it! Their approach is simple and effective. Dark green leafy greens, like, leafy salad greens, kale, and spinach should be with eaten at every meal and every day, because they supply vitamins A, C, E, and K. These vegetables also contain a large number of antioxidants that help protect cells, contain fiber, iron, magnesium, potassium, and calcium. Did you know, leafy green vegetables may help minimize the loss of cognition as we age improve our heart health, help regulate insulin, and manage weight? Let's not forget they also help move things along the track.


Seafood, poultry, and red meat are part of the diets protein options, and even when these foods are eaten they are surrounded by plants. Red meat is consumed much less than the others, and high plant-based items always accompany it.


Fruits contain fiber, vitamin c and other nutrients, which are helpful to your immune system. Fruits like dates, figs, apricots, grapes, and pomegranates are common in the Medeterranian diet, or you can choose from tropical fruits like bananas, mangoes, and papayas. Don't add sugar to the fruit! Eating the fruit fresh is the best choice as it has a natural sweetness. Fruits can be added so many ways, from smoothies, whole grain cereals, salads, side dish or cooked with meats. So, have a fresh cut fruit for dessert.


Coronavirus may change our way of living

Coronavirus changes everything in our daily life and continues to unfold across the world. When a person becomes infected with the Coronavirus, it replicates in their respiratory tract, causing infection and fevers.  

Naturally, we all know if we have a fever or are continually sneezing, it would be best to stay home to heal. But, in a serious matter, there may be a possibility we will be self-isolating ourselves to help prevent the spread of any virus. 

Smart wellness starts with hygiene. If you are showing any signs of illness, get checked by your doctor, drink plenty of clear liquids, rest often, and wash your hands after each use. 

Best health practices are essential than ever. We are already noticing the impact on facilities such as restaurants, movie theaters, sporting events, and gyms. Being in an environment where your health may be compromised is something to consider. Flu viruses can stay active for 24 hours on hard surfaces, compared to cold viruses can survive up to seven days on indoor surfaces! It makes you think twice about going to the gym. Many times someone is sweating as they are pumping iron,  or whileusing the benches, or dripping as they hold the rails of the stair master. In observation,  their is a small handful of gym members that are mindful of others and many that are not considerate. 

Cooking at home is becoming more mainstream, movie night is becoming an at-home family night, sporting events viewed as steaming events, and lastly, working out 'at-home' is becoming the best alternative to going to the gyms!


Yo-Yo Dieting

Yo-Yo dieting is very common in our repertoire of adjusting when needed or have the desire to drop weight for a specific upcoming event. I can attest to this many times. Especially when I was ready to have another child or for my 25th class reunion! The question is, how many times is it ok to keep changing the way we eat? Will changing our diet often cause health discomfort? If we continue adjusting our weight in a repetitive cycle of gaining, losing, and the dreaded regaining weight show any long term negative impact? What is the effect of our overall health?

There have been several studies concerning yo-yo dieting — for instance, yo-yo dieting and weight gain, yo-yo dieting and metabolism, yo-yo dieting and weight cycling, lastly, yo-yo dieting and weight loss.

Let's focus on the repetitive cycling of weight. The International Journal of Complementary & Alternative Medicine in 2016 talks about the readiness to lose weight, maintain it and incorporate the mindset of weight-related behaviors. In researching further, In 2018, The Mayo Clinic did not find that yo-yo dieting may lead to long term effects is still inclusive evidence; however, it did state an increase in belly fat and weight gain in more than half of their subjects. Those subjects happen to increase their risk of obesity and were more likely to appear to increase future weight gain from the yo-yo effect.

In conclusion, after several repetitive cycling of yo-yo dieting, there is a possibility weighing more than when you started afterward with higher body fat and less muscle. It may be best to eat sensibly daily, with an assortment of a healthy variety of foods, to get all the nutrients you need to fuel your body. Avoid the extreme changes of yo-yoing may help avoid any serious health issues that may arise. Food is not our enemy; food is our fuel!

Party of 6

My family is an instant party! With six people with a very different taste, it can become a restaurant in my own home. 

Imagine cooking for six individual tastes and interests. I always start with a common protein source for the meal that fits everyone. 

Let's say, its salmon. By the way, our boys LOVE salmon! First, I marinate the salmon in the sake, then sprinkle Himalayan salt over the salmon for about an hour or two. Afterward, I drain the sake and pat dry both sides of the salmon. Then pan fry it with coconut oil on low heat till the outside turns to a lighter color.

For greens, everyone's favorite is either green beans or broccoli. Today, I used broccoli. Rinse the florets and pat dry them. Next, grab the stems and dip the florets into coconut oil and swirl it around for an excellent coating. Place broccoli on the pan, sprinkle Himalayan salt to taste over the broccoli, and put in the oven for 350 degrees till slightly browned. 

Lastly is the complex carb. Japanese rice is a must-have with this meal. It's easy to make! Measure 2 1/4 cup of short-grain rice. Place in a strainer and rinse till water runs clear. Then, let the rice sit for 30 minutes. Next, cook rice in a pot, put rice, and 2 /14 cup of water in the pot. Let the rice soak in the water for at least 30 minutes to an hour. An hour is best. Cover the pot with a lid and bring to a boil on high heat. Turn the heat down to low and cook about 20 minutes, or until the water is almost gone. Stop the heat and let it steam for about 15 minutes before opening the lid. Fluff the rice with a fork and start plating. 

Once plated to the size of their portion of each food category, the special touches happen with each meal. Below is an example of each plate.

Plate #1 Salmon, broccoli with Italian dressing, and rice with butter.

Plate#2  Salmon and broccoli only. 

Plate #3 Salmon, broccoli, and rice as cooked.

Plate #4 Salmon with olive oil sprayed on it, and broccoli with one whole avocado chunks and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese.

Plate #5 Salmon, broccoli with alfredo sauce, and rice with Tajin and butter.

Plate #6 Salmon, broccoli with Tajin, and rice with butter. 

There you have it! Party of 6 made to order. That's how this family feist. Share in comments your special touches for each family member you do when plating.