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Coronavirus may change our way of living

Coronavirus changes everything in our daily life and continues to unfold across the world. When a person becomes infected with the Coronavirus, it replicates in their respiratory tract, causing infection and fevers.  

Naturally, we all know if we have a fever or are continually sneezing, it would be best to stay home to heal. But, in a serious matter, there may be a possibility we will be self-isolating ourselves to help prevent the spread of any virus. 

Smart wellness starts with hygiene. If you are showing any signs of illness, get checked by your doctor, drink plenty of clear liquids, rest often, and wash your hands after each use. 

Best health practices are essential than ever. We are already noticing the impact on facilities such as restaurants, movie theaters, sporting events, and gyms. Being in an environment where your health may be compromised is something to consider. Flu viruses can stay active for 24 hours on hard surfaces, compared to cold viruses can survive up to seven days on indoor surfaces! It makes you think twice about going to the gym. Many times someone is sweating as they are pumping iron,  or whileusing the benches, or dripping as they hold the rails of the stair master. In observation,  their is a small handful of gym members that are mindful of others and many that are not considerate. 

Cooking at home is becoming more mainstream, movie night is becoming an at-home family night, sporting events viewed as steaming events, and lastly, working out 'at-home' is becoming the best alternative to going to the gyms!