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Self-talk is Powerful
5 Ways Not to Break Your Fitness Routine During Social Distancing

Workout at Home There have been several medical, news, and social media about social distancing and keeping active. A significant danger of being inactive can lead to a mental breakdown, increased unhealthy eating, and a couch potato syndrome. Thus, let's step back and evaluate these points..

Let me put this in a clearer perspective, and evaluate the core principles on how not to break your fitness routine, and if you have not established one, print this.

  1. Create a peaceful, serene place in your home

    Having this meditation place helps reset your mind and increases a sense of calmness throughout your body. In these uncertain times, right now is the perfect time to take a break from burnout overload. Unwind, take a deep breath, clear your mind, and sit quietly. It's ok! If you feel good, it shows outwardly. Everyone around you will feel the energy.

  2. Scheduling your daily workouts for self-care

    When you have a scheduled time to workout daily, it's a reminder you created a commitment to yourself. Self-care helps you stay active, fit, and mentally ready for work and personal obligations.
  3. Find a workout friend

    Working with a friend can be fun! Find someone who is about the same fitness level as you. Challenge and pushing each other keeps both of you to 'stay in the game' and motivated. Also, having a fitness partner encourages you to commit to the fitness and health journey.

  4. Have a good sleep schedule

    Sleep is essential to our lives. Your body needs sleep to recover, rebuild, and regenerate your muscle repair after an intense workout and brain functions by improving memory and even regulating the libido. Bonus!

  5. Eat to fuel your body

    In this new era in our lives, we all need to establish a different eating lifestyle that fits within the latest schedule and still meets the essential nutrients, like good fat, healthy carbs, and protein.