Self-talk is Powerful

I have said many times to myself, "I got this," or "I can do this" in all aspects of my life and continue this self-talk daily. I can't depend on someone else to give me pep talks when I need it at a given moment. Although, it is great hearing it from someone.

Self-talk comes naturally to all of us. Sometimes we beat our selves up when we make a mistake, and sometimes we choose our words to encourage ourselves. Therefore, self-talk is a powerful tool to lift ourselves and boost our confidence. God only knows how much I have self-talked and asked for strength. My best advice is to look within, search deep inside, and internally talk to yourself. What are you afraid of, what can happen if I hold back, and what will happen if I believe in myself.

For one thing, one can not be fearful of the unexpected. Another, when holding back, nothing happens, nothing progresses forward. That's why it is wise to seek within and into your belief for guidance and strength during self-talk. Keep working on YOU; everything you ever wanted is on the other side of fear.

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