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Yo-Yo Dieting

Yo-Yo dieting is very common in our repertoire of adjusting when needed or have the desire to drop weight for a specific upcoming event. I can attest to this many times. Especially when I was ready to have another child or for my 25th class reunion! The question is, how many times is it ok to keep changing the way we eat? Will changing our diet often cause health discomfort? If we continue adjusting our weight in a repetitive cycle of gaining, losing, and the dreaded regaining weight show any long term negative impact? What is the effect of our overall health?

There have been several studies concerning yo-yo dieting — for instance, yo-yo dieting and weight gain, yo-yo dieting and metabolism, yo-yo dieting and weight cycling, lastly, yo-yo dieting and weight loss.

Let's focus on the repetitive cycling of weight. The International Journal of Complementary & Alternative Medicine in 2016 talks about the readiness to lose weight, maintain it and incorporate the mindset of weight-related behaviors. In researching further, In 2018, The Mayo Clinic did not find that yo-yo dieting may lead to long term effects is still inclusive evidence; however, it did state an increase in belly fat and weight gain in more than half of their subjects. Those subjects happen to increase their risk of obesity and were more likely to appear to increase future weight gain from the yo-yo effect.

In conclusion, after several repetitive cycling of yo-yo dieting, there is a possibility weighing more than when you started afterward with higher body fat and less muscle. It may be best to eat sensibly daily, with an assortment of a healthy variety of foods, to get all the nutrients you need to fuel your body. Avoid the extreme changes of yo-yoing may help avoid any serious health issues that may arise. Food is not our enemy; food is our fuel!